Paint Chip Tree Cards

Hey guys!

I wanted to share this super cute Christmas card idea with you! I was wandering around Walmart when I got the idea and I think that they turned out really good! These cards are perfect for Christmas, or could be made with any colour of paint chips, depending on the season! Read on for directions!


  • paint chips (I used green & brown, but it’s up to you)
  • cardstock (I used white & grey, but again, totally up to you)
  • double-sided tape or glue
  • scissors
  • markers, colours of your choosing
  • ruler

You Will Need

I started by folding my cardstock in half lengthwise.

I took my paint chip and drew a line down the center on the backside. From this line, I measured 4 cm on either side and draw 2 more lines: Tree Shape

Then I cut out my paint chip triangle and attached a brown stem- I cut mine out of another paint chip, but any brown paper would do. Next, I attached my tree to the front of my cardstock, and then decorated the tree and the background with coloured markers.
Tree on card













Add a message on the inside and your card is complete!

Get creative with your trees- there’s so many options!

Thanks for reading,

Hannaall cards


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